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 PART ONE OF MY ROMANTIC ADVENTURES: JOGGING. By Sunday Ajibola Edobor People get into activities which they did not plan or bargain for by chance. It just happens. And unconsciously, the interest grows and grows therefrom and never leaves. Young people make as many friends as possible and they get involved in various activities, thereby. Its amusing that I have an abiding and enduring love for jogging. I would not pass up any opportunity to partake in it. And ironically, I have never been a sports person. I never partook in it or any of such physical activity as i was not good in any field event in my primary and secondary school days. I did well in Table Tennis but my interest was in football, in which I was bereft of talent or ability. I performed better, standing between the sticks as a goalkeeper during our "set" games at Muslim Primary School. All the youths of those days had interest in football. I was once drafted to be the goalkeeper when St. Patrick clashed with CAC