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The month of May is ordinarily like any and every other. It runs through its allotted number of weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds. And as usual human beings carried out their daily activities. And characteristically, a lot happened therein: good, bad, ugly and the unspeakable. But May of this year has so many memorable events that shaped the month and thereby make it unforgettable. 

     VICTOR OSIMHEN: The month began on a good, promising and fulfilling note with two of our youths doing the country proud in distant lands, oyinbo man's country, Europe-Italy and London to be precise. First was the feat atrained by our only world-class footballer: dark-skinned, tall, lanky and speedy striker Victor Osimhen of Napoli football club. The young guy helped Napoli to win the Scudetto, breaking a 37 year jinx in the process and thereby replicating the feat attained by the inimitable Argentine playmaker Diego Amando Maradona. He did what he was recruited to do: scoring goals. Osimhen messed opposition goalkeepers, whom he forced to pick the ball out of their nets on 25 ocassions. His heroic and consistent goal-poaching aside helping Napoli to the scuddetto, also won him the highest goal scorer  award in Serie A. The 23 year-old Nigerian has come of age, after paying his dues in Germany and Belgium. We got to know that he quit schooling to pursue his passion for the round leather game, one of greatest partakers, Pele, called the beautiful game. By virtue of his achievement, Nigeria's battered image received some image laundering. In Napoli, the victorious Victor Osimhen has become a god of sorts. Truly, men who excel in their chosen fields are gods as the Bible says. Congratulations to Victor, congratulations to Napoli and congratulations to Nigeria. Victor is one of our beautiful ones.


The next individual, who put Nigeria's name on the world stage is the Afrobeat queen, Tiwa Savage. The tall, slim-built, exquisite, tender-looking and seductive, musician thrilled an audience of 18,000 men of timber and caliber and another 20 million more on the internet and television to an unforgettable menu of highest quality of music you can get anywhere. She regaled them so much so that the new King of England, Charles 111 could not help but clap for queen of music, whose spell-bound performance matched her world-class attire. Tiwa showed the world that inu ikoko dudu ni eko funfun ti njade. I doubt if there is any country as blessed with talented individuals as Nigeria. I must make a confession here. Until that night, the only idea I had about Tiwa was that of spoilt lady, who delighted herself in physical pleasures. That was the impression the Social Media had created about her and, regrettably I fell for it. After that awe-inspiring show, I had to do some findings about whom Tiwa Savage is. I must say it, the lady is more than her physicality. She is highly talented. Her greatest gifts remain that royal gait, majestic steppings and alluring voice. Tiwa is highly seductive and tantalising. She possesses enough weapon to melt the hardest of hearts. I do not envy guys who get to interact with her. Her pulchritude is second to none and so also is her voice and music. Tiwa, I say ori e wa nbe. You are doing well and that is so well.


The third event that made the world to focus on Nigeria was the sentencing of former deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu to prison by a London court for organ harvesting. He and his wife had brought a young man to London to take his kidney to replace their daughter's overwhelmed own. Many have condemned or commended decision of the court to jail him for nine and a half years. I will not join that train.

But my area of concern is the four hundred thousand pounds (€400,000) Ekweremadu paid into his account in just six months. In Nigeria of today, that is three hundred and sixty million (N360 million) naira in just a few months. The judge also said Ekweremadu has over forty (40) choice properties scattered across the globe.The man spent twenty years in the Upper chamber from 2003-2023. He was the Deputy Senate President for ten years. Nigerians having been "shocked beyond the State of shockability", did not talk much about this. If I may ask, where did he get such sum of money? How much is the salary of a Senator? Do they keep or print money in the National Assembly? How did he get such a huge sum out of our shores? He is a bad egg that spoils the whole broth. If you are wondering why the country is suffering from paucity of funds to construct roads, provide electricity, build good hospitals and good schools as well as provide security, let us ask our law makers in the National Assembly. Yet, some nincompoops will be hailing these bunch of looters. Why is black man so happy inflicting suffering on his fellow man? The irony of this serious matter is that, Ekweremadu and his co-travellers are among the most vociferous when talking the situation we find, rather put ourselves. All politicians in the mould of Ekweremadu are the reasons why our strong and agile youths are "checking out" in search of menial jobs. While Osimhen and Tiwa and many other young and talented youths are doing the country proud with their sweat, those whom we use taxpayers money to provide comfort for, are stealing our collective wealth. They make Nigeria seem under a curse or some form of spiritual spell with their unbecoming and unparalleled stealing spree. 

May all of them destroying this country in the name of politics find shame everywhere they go. The painful part of this Ekweremadu siphoned money is that Nigeria might not be able to recover those billions from the tight grip of Britain.


 It is gratifying and soothing to say it loud and clear that Prince Ademola Adegoroye symbolises one of the very best in the politicians of this age. The immediate past Minister of Transport successfully and quietly did the unexpected. In less than two years, what all those who have spent eight and four as Ministers failed woefully to accomplish, he has made it happen. The Ondo SeaPort became a reality and the long-forgotten eyesore and nemesis of vehicles Akure-Ado road was formally flagged off. Come to think of it, the Akure prince has not been the most vociferous. Surely, action speaks louder than voice. The seemingly quiet and unassuming massive Adegoroye has raised the bar. We now know that any Minister that fails to impact on his people does not give a damn about them is either incompetent or bereft of ideas and action. For these achievements and other assistance rendered to youths in the area of employment and empowerment, Ademola Adegoroye deserves a mention among the stars that shone brightest in May, 2023. Akure people are proud of you because you gave us reasons to believe that ohun rere kan leti Jerusalem jade wa, afterall. Governor Akeredolu is proud of you and Ondo State is proud of you.


This is the reality many hate hearing. On the 29th, Asiwaju, the Jagaban received the baton of leadership from Buhari. His coming into power is a change the country needs and deserves at this crucial time in our nations history. I am just mentioning it because an elaborate writeup on the new President will feature in part two of this article. Meanwhile, I say welcome on board President Bola Tinubu. Igba e a tuwa lara loruko Jesu.


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