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    Man is so small. Yes, you, everyone, including my humble self, we are very small. We are inbued with some powers. Some of these powers include domination, overbearing and domineering over the world and everything therein. We are at liberty to do what we like on earth. It does not stop there. With spiritual, physical, money and political powers, we manipulate, oppress, dominate and even sniff life out of fellow men. These enormous powers are being used by those opportuned. Yet, notwithstanding, we are very small indeed. The  muscle-flexing  we exert to bulldoze ourselvelves, other creatures and inanimate objects is limited to the physical realm. Being denied gift of  clairvoyance, we behave as if tomorrow will never come. We delude ourselves that even if it does, we have power to make it a semblance of today. Foul. Tomorrow will come, definitely and it is loaded with gifts and it's own men, new owners. These new people will be chosen by giver of destiny, not selfish men in power, those of influence or gifted ones of today. And what it has in stock is yet unknown to anyone. Our powers, influence and domination has no insight into what the future has in stock for us. 

    This grandstand nature of ours has been taken beyond the limit we have been given. Man is struggling, scrambling and fighting against himself and his destiny. If permitted, an average person would prefer being someone else. Most people scheme to become what they are not created to be. We go to any length to achieve this. I have heard it said many times before that, 'in each person palm is written all he going is on earth to do.' 

    As a precursor to the main gist, we need to check some issues of life. If you look at your life critically, you will realise certain traits. You know some activities attract your fancy. It might be music, sports, writing, singing, mixing with people or the opposites of all these. Furthermore, you might like giving, you might be very brilliant with a powerful retentive memory. In terms of pulchritude, you might be stunning, tall, slim, soft-spoken, have a towering height. Your physical looks might even be the envy of others: family members, friends, acquaintances and strangers. Some of the time, if not most, children of poor people possess the best of looks. This is a mystery. Have you ever think or ask inwardly, why were you born into your family by your parents? Why was I not born to this or that family or why did that powerful and influential man did not not father me? Why do people find some activities easy to do while others find such difficult or impossible outrightly. We have seen or heard stories of people chosen or appointed/elected into offices without making efforts at the expense of those who planned, jostle and scrambled for such.  

   Our smallness begins, where what the heavens have decided start manifesting. Let me cite some instances beginning with the biblical story of Joseph, the son Jacob. He was destined to be the most successful, most accomplished and most popular, the NUMERO UNO in the family. Joseph saw himself in dreams being bowed for by his siblings. He relayed these to his parents and elder brothers. That was the destiny ahead of him. It was not a vision or ambition. His brothers became jealous of him as a result. To prevent him from fulfilling that dream, the Reuben-led brothers sold him off to merchants. He went through hell but ended up accomplishing the God-ordained plan. Nobody can truncate the will of God.

Akunleyan ni adayeba, adayeba ni adayese.

   At the birth of boy, in those days before the advent of christianity here, a Seer said he was born to be  Priest of a deity, a full-time devotee, who would adorn white robe always   and would neither marry not have a child. His parents were taken aback. They decided to give it what it was required to scuttle that future for the newborn. A few years later, some Europeans cane to the town with the gospel. The parents joined the new religion with their kid. When the foreigners were leaving, the man and his wife gave their boy to them. They said, "we would see how he would serve one impoverished god in a white man country." By the time their boy returned after about two decades he had become a Catholic Priest. 

 Man, know thyself and let it be in your brain everytime that you are very small. Also, know that, you are walking the path destiny has paved for you. You cannot alter it, neither can you deviate from it; you are only trailing it. It is always ahead of you. 

 In 1938, a male child was born in the South Western part of Nigeria. A Seer told the parents, "this child has come to this world to fight the government. He will do so throughout his life time." The educated and enlightened parents took him away and devised a way to mould him to a gentleman, so that he would not be a thug, fîghting the government. He was sent to the best schools for his primary and secondary education. They also made him to have his tertiary education in the UK. Thereafter, he returned and took up a civil service appointment. Failing to find fulfillment, he pulled out and started his own private music organisation. He fought the authorities to a stand till throughout his life. The boy of that day turned out to be our mercurial, fire-spitting, fearless and respected late Fela Anikulapo Kuti.

  Thirdly, we should not forget the story of Odewale in Ola Rotimi's classic 'The Gods Are Not To Blame.' When he was born, a Seer said, "this kid will kill his father and marry his mother." The parents directed a hunter to go and kill him in the bush. The power of fate made the man to dump him in the forest. A stranger picked him up and trained him. One day, an overbearing brother of Odewale's 'parents' told him, 'you are a butterfly, calling yourself a bird.' There, he knew that the man, who saved him from the bush, was not his biological father. He ran far away only to land in the town of his real parents. As predicted, he killed his father, married his mother before he learnt they were his parents.

    Another story is about a man, who governed this state in recent past. A number of politicians had gone to Oke Erinmo in Osun State to pray. The prophet pointed a finger at him and declared, 'you will govern Ondo State in a near future.' Few years after, same man attended a Jumat Service at the Akure Central, being a member of the State Executive, during the short-lived year's of late Governor Bamidele Olumilia reign as the helmsan over old Ondo State. That Dr. Olusegun Mimiko later manifested the Seers predictions is not due to his smarness, skill, occultic practices or any other acclaim. It was the fulfilment of his destiny. 

   The reknown gospel singer, Evangelist Bola Are reportedly said her brother was far better than her in singing. According to the story, the man had a sweeter voice. Yet, he did record a single song or wax a single album. The man did not venture music or make music his vocation. Do you think it was enemies that swayed him from manifesting his talent? He was not sent here to play music. Chikena. Any other excuse adduced is awawi.

  These days that witches and wizards, enemies et al are being blamed for everything that happens to man often sound hollow to me. Any plan that is truncated has no divine backing. Without fear of contradiction, I say it boldly that destiny is spiritual, over which the physical has no control. We are always trying to lay claim to know more everything. Yet, reality is not in tandem with our theories. 

  From all the stories relayed above, one can deduce that man is always trying to turn the wheels of destiny to suit himself. We are always trying to be a god over the superior God's will. The will of fate does not fight, struggle or persuade man. What we brought from heaven supercedes whatever we met or do here. We are allowed to do, plan our machinations against the will of God but our efforts end in near-wins always, resulting in sadness.

  In rounding off, I have seen people who paid the price of adequate education, get connected with people of high calibre and befriended as many as possible preparatory to  getting appointment or getting elected. They died without becoming anything tangible in politics. They were not destined to attain any height in politics.

  Before you take these points to the cleaners read what the Bible says in Romans 8:30: 

"Moreover whom he did predestinate, them he also called: and whom he called, them he also justified: and whom he justified, them he also glorified."

 God's calling is in diverse areas. It's in politics, law, journalism, education, music, sports, business and religion. Those destined to manifest greatness and shine like a thousand stars in these areas are doing so. They are the ones selected by Heaven. 

As they say in Latin, Voluntas Dei praevaleat in vita hominis,

the will of God prevails in the life of man.

God is in charge and that is fully. Destiny controls man!


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