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One of the Top Tech Futurists Reveals How Even a Tiny Investment in Bitcoin Could Significantly Grow Your Wealth

It’s the biggest investment story on the planet right now…

Is it time to buy…


Or hold on for dear life?

My name is Brit Herring.

Tonight, I’m joined by one of the top crypto experts on the planet…

His name is Charlie Shrem, and he started mining bitcoin all the way back in 2012.

He created one of the first crypto exchanges where up to one-third of all bitcoin transactions took place…

Was a founding member of the Bitcoin Foundation…

And his work is considered by many to be one of THE driving forces behind bitcoin’s meteoric rise from virtually nothing to a $1 trillion global juggernaut.

He’s a legend who’s been featured in a Netflix documentary on cryptos and has been named one of the “100 Most Influential People in Crypto.”  

He’s on a first-name basis with many top names in the crypto space.

And he’s proven time and again that he can identify crypto companies with huge potential.  

One company he worked with was Genesis Vision.

This new blockchain protocol is revolutionizing the way folks buy and sell stocks.

And its altcoin has soared as high as 1,655%.

He was closely involved with an altcoin called Atomic Wallet.

Which is innovating the way folks buy and store altcoins…

And since its launch in early 2019, it’s up as high as an incredible 3,800%.

Again, no one can promise these kinds of extraordinary historical examples. These are not examples from his research service’s track record. For reference, the average return for this research service in 2020 was 36.5%.

I’m not exaggerating when I say Charlie has the connections to navigate the world of blockchain technology like no one else.

When Charlie speaks, the crypto world listens.

He knows all the projects taking place in the world.

Most importantly, he knows better than anyone which altcoins will be duds and which ones could show you extraordinary gains.

And his perspective on bitcoin could be the most important one you hear all year.

Today, Charlie has an urgent message for anyone who hasn’t invested in bitcoin yet…

As well as bitcoin owners riding the bitcoin rollercoaster, wondering what to do now.  

You’ll learn why the mainstream media has failed in reporting the real bitcoin story to you and your fellow Americans. 

And you’ll walk away with a concrete plan for the chance to massively grow your wealth in the market.  

Welcome, Charlie.      

CHARLIE: Hi Brit, and thanks for hosting this special event.

BRIT: Charlie, why are you stepping forward now?  

CHARLIE: For one simple reason:  

Because bitcoin is one of the most misunderstood investments you’ll ever find.       

Any time an investment makes such big moves up AND down, investors are confused about what it means.  

And the financial media is no help at all.  

They send mixed messages that just add to the confusion. 

For example, Forbes ran both these stories in November:

Yahoo Finance said this in January:

On Monday, they’ll say it’s a “must-own”… and turn around and Tuesday and tell you it’s a scam!

Trust me when I say it’s NOT in the media’s best interest to actually help you.  

They want to keep you in a constant state of greed or fear so you don’t change that channel or click to another website.

Today, I’m going to cut through the BS and set the record straight…

You’re going to get the truth about bitcoin.   

And the truth is, the epic gains over the last 5 years…

Are just scratching the surface.  

If you haven’t placed some money into bitcoin yet, you HAVEN’T MISSED OUT.

I believe bitcoin is going much higher and everyone who doesn’t own at least some will regret it down the road. 

More importantly, anyone who doesn’t own altcoins—the “alternatives to bitcoin” that are smaller, less well-known and have even BIGGER potential gains than Bitcoin—are making the biggest mistake of their investing lives.  

BRIT: That’s a controversial position. 

It seems like there are just as many bitcoin skeptics as bitcoin believers.  

CHARLIE: You are correct.  

The media likes to talk about the risk in bitcoin…and while that is true that there are risks …

I firmly believe that the biggest “risk” in bitcoin today is NOT owning it.  

And as I’ll explain in this special presentation, owning bitcoin makes EVEN MORE sense today than it did 5 years ago.  

Bitcoin has become a legitimate store of value for anyone worried about the devaluation of the dollar…

It has attracted a MUCH larger following—it’s even accepted by payment giants PayPal and Square.  

And most important of all, powerful new forces with trillions to invest are starting to buy bitcoin in earnest.  

This will send a tidal wave of cash into bitcoin that will make the past money flows look like small ripples on a pond. 

What’s happening, in short, is that bitcoin is quietly becoming the de facto “currency of the rich.”

In the next few years, there will be two types of people.

The “well-to-do” who own bitcoin and a few other select cryptocurrencies to preserve and growth their wealth…

And everyone else who misses out on this tremendous opportunity.  

BRIT: All that sounds very exciting, but the most frequent question I get about bitcoin is the most recent move up or down.  

Do you think that the volatility is why so many folks haven’t bought into bitcoin yet?   

CHARLIE: Absolutely.   

I believe that not buying bitcoin today is a huge, missed opportunity.  

Like knowing that Amazon and Apple would be America’s first trillion-dollar companies back when they were worth only millions...  

And instead of buying them, you said, “That’s OK, I’ll just stick with IBM and Xerox.”  

Because it’s still early in the game for cryptocurrencies…

And the opportunities for massive gains are still right there for the taking.  

BRIT: Even with bitcoin around $30,000?

CHARLIE: Even at $30,000, Brit, bitcoin is incredibly cheap!

And what has me really excited is that bitcoin isn’t even my favorite cryptocurrency! 

A number of other cryptos HAVEN’T taken off yet…

And they are poised to rise higher than even the remarkable bitcoin rally we’ve already seen.  

That’s exactly what happened in the last big bitcoin move…

Bitcoin rose 3,186% in 2016 and 2017.      

But many altcoins blew those returns away:  

In 2017 to 2018, a little-known cryptocurrency called Spectrecoin climbed way over 5,000% 10 months.

Or take an altcoin called Verge—it also shot up over 5,000% in 12 months.

I can give you many examples where choosing the correct altcoins could have resulted in much larger payouts than just simply purchasing bitcoin over similar time frames.

For instance, Reddcoin soared over 5,000% too....

The altcoin called Neo rose over 5,000% as well…

Now of course nothing in the market is guaranteed.

These are winning altcoin examples.

Of course, there will also be losers, too.

And I can’t promise gains like these incredible past historical examples.

The point here is that altcoins have the potential to do much better than bitcoin over similar time frames .

No matter what comes next for bitcoin, I firmly believe history is going to repeat itself and altcoins are going to be the biggest winners.   

If you’re not familiar with how altcoins work and why they’re so revolutionary, please stick around.  

It could be a total game-changer in your life.

I believe this so strongly that before this presentation is over…

I’ll share with you the name of one of my top altcoins to buy today.

I think it’s poised to go on the same kind of run that has put bitcoin in the headlines and created so many millionaires and even billionaires.  

Big money managers happily pay $10,000 for information like this .  

I want to share some of this research with you today, so you can see how serious I am about spreading the word.  

BRIT: We’ll get to all that, I promise.  

But let’s stick to bitcoin for now.  

You know, I hear a lot that this is just another bubble.  

It’s all going to fall apart and folks that are buying in today are going to get burned…

What’s really going on here? 

CHARLIE: Excellent question, Brit.  

Look, we all remember what happened in 2017…

Bitcoin started the year under $1,000.  

In April, bitcoin began an historic surge…

By December, the price had reached an incredible $13,000.

But as you probably recall, the party didn’t last.

Over the next 12 months, the price fell all the way back below $4,000.

BRIT: So, what happened, what caused the rally and the following sell-off?

CHARLIE: Bitcoin’s 2017 rally was all about momentum traders and speculators.

They saw something going up and hopped on board.  

I’m sure the vast majority of those traders had no idea how the blockchain works and didn’t care to find out. 

BRIT: And when the momentum ran out and everyone who wanted a piece of the trade was already in, the bottom fell out.  

CHARLIE: Correct.  

Bitcoin came crashing back to earth.  

But this time I believe that it’s different.  

There’s an incredibly powerful force that has driven bitcoin to its new highs…

And I predict it is going to propel the lesser-known altcoins I favor to big gains…

And it can be summed up in just three letters.   

I want you to remember them, Brit… are you ready?

The three letters are: 



CHARLIE: P.W.M. is shorthand for People With Money.

This is the big story you’re not hearing about bitcoin right now.

And the reason bitcoin will continue to climb higher and higher in the coming months.

You see, this time it’s not speculators or “mom and pop” investors driving up the price of bitcoin…

It’s People With Money.

Real money and lots of it.    

Bitcoin just started on the path to mass adoption with the folks that have TRILLIONS to invest:  

Public companies are buying bitcoin…     

Tech company MicroStrategy bought over $1 billion in bitcoin in 2020.    

Tesla announced in February that it owned over $1.5 billion bitcoin.   

And even MassMutual—a boring old life insurance company that has been around since 1851—announced it invested $100 million in bitcoin.   

Financial companies like PayPal and Square are buying hundreds of millions worth of bitcoin. 

Billionaire investors are buying bitcoin—Stanley Druckenmiller and Paul Tudor Jones are just two of the investing legends who are buyers.  

And most important of all…

Wall Street’s largest investment banks are on board.  

Goldman Sachs’ head of commodities research calls bitcoin “the retail inflation hedge,” just like gold or copper.   

A top strategist at Morgan Stanley says that the U.S. dollar is losing its position as the world’s reserve currency and bitcoin has already begun to replace it.   

And JP Morgan said in January that bitcoin could become a real alternative to gold, and possibly even hit as high as $147,000 over the long term.  

BRIT: Wow.  

You don’t usually see conservative banks make such bold predictions, do you?  

CHARLIE: You don’t.  

But a Citibank analyst says bitcoin could hit $300,000 in 2021…

Another JP Morgan analyst ran the numbers a different way and came up with Bitcoin $650,000…

And a former Goldman Sachs hedge fund chief thinks bitcoin will hit $1 MILLION in 5 years!  

Now, I don’t know which of these predictions will be right, if any of them . 

But I think they’re a clear sign that People With Money think bitcoin could be huge.  

And that we’re still in the early innings of a cryptocurrency boom.  

BRIT: Charlie, I have to ask you something I hear a lot:   

“Bitcoin is so volatile…

I just can’t put a lot of my portfolio into it.”  

What do you say to those folks?  

CHARLIE: That’s a great question, Brit.  

The thing so few people realize…

And what no one in the mainstream financial press is telling them…

Is that you don’t have to put a lot of your portfolio in bitcoin to see truly amazing gains.  

Just a small allocation has the potential to be a game changer.  

Look, bitcoin didn’t just have one great year.  

Since 2016, bitcoin handed investors MASSIVE gains, especially compared to the alternatives.  

So when I say that NOT investing in cryptocurrencies could be the biggest mistake of your investing life…

It’s because I believe this pattern is going to hold true for the NEXT 5 years.  

BRIT: So you’re saying that bitcoin is going to beat stocks by 36X again…?  

CHARLIE: I am not necessarily saying that.  

No one can accurately predict how high bitcoin could go.  

But I DO believe cryptos could outperform stocks, bonds, real estate and gold by a huge margin again.      

That’s why it’s important to have a stake in them NOW…

Even 5% of your nest egg in bitcoin could have doubled your entire portfolio since 2016.  

And a similar amount in my favorite altcoins could be absolutely extraordinary .  

BRIT: That’s hard to believe, Charlie.  

I’m assuming you can back it up with some facts?  

CHARLIE: Absolutely, Brit.  

I’ve even put together a chart to make this easy to understand .  

From 2016 to June 2021, let’s assume you had an all-stock portfolio.  

If you had done as well as the average investor in the S&P 500, a $100,000 portfolio would have grown to $213,529. 

BRIT: Not bad, but I’m guessing bitcoin did a lot better….

CHARLIE: Right you are.  

You could have done much better if you had put that $100,000 into cryptocurrencies.  

If you had put 100% of that money into bitcoin at the beginning of 2016, you’d now have $7.7 million!  

BRIT: That certainly sounds more exciting… but I’m someone who doesn’t want that much risk. 

And I’m assuming most of our viewers tonight probably feel the same way.  

CHARLIE: I totally get that.  

You still could have doubled your total portfolio, or even quadrupled it if you put only a small portion of your money into bitcoin.   

BRIT: How small a percentage are we talking about?  

CHARLIE: If you had put just 10% of your portfolio into bitcoin at the start of 2016 and left the other 90% in stocks, you’d be sitting on over $965,000. 

BRIT: What if that’s still too risky for me?  

CHARLIE: OK, let’s take it down to 5%.  

A 95% stock and 5% bitcoin portfolio over the last 5 years would have netted you almost $600,000.  

That’s more than DOUBLE the return of your all-stock portfolio, with just a 5% allocation to bitcoin!  

BRIT: What if that still feels like too much risk for me? 

CHARLIE: OK, I’ll take it to an extreme level: 

Putting just $1,000 of your $100,000 portfolio into bitcoin…

And leaving the other $99,000 in stocks…

Would have handed you an extra $75,160 versus an all-stock portfolio!

BRIT: Those are impressive numbers.  

I can see why you’re saying that even a small allocation to bitcoin could make a huge difference .   

CHARLIE: Look, everyone needs to figure out what amount of bitcoin is right for them, if any.  

But NOT owning it means you could get left behind.  

The past 5 years have shown that trying to grow your wealth without bitcoin is like trying to win the Daytona 500 in a minivan.  

Yes, you’ll get around the track…

But it’s going to take you a LOT longer than everyone else.  

BRIT: OK, so the last 5 years have been fantastic for bitcoin…

And you’re saying that the most likely way to see monster gains in the next 5 years…

Is to own the altcoins that haven’t gotten 1/100th the attention bitcoin has. 

Why are you so sure about this?  

CHARLIE: In fact, if you take nothing else away from this presentation, I want you and our viewers to know this—

I believe that for the first time ever, bitcoin is now being seen as a SAFE HAVEN asset by the People With Money.

And that’s a sea change that has the potential to send bitcoin to $100,000 and beyond.   

One study indicates that if the very rich put just 2.5% of their money in bitcoin, it could raise the price by $200,000! 

BRIT: Now, when you say “safe haven,” do you mean like gold or cash?

CHARLIE: Exactly.

The folks getting into bitcoin now are the People With Money who own most of the wealth around the world.  

The institutional money. 

The so-called smart money.   

They don’t buy just because something is going up.  

Folks that have built sizable nest eggs are rarely interested in “hot” investment ideas.  

Most are approaching retirement or already there, so they’re not looking for a thrill ride.

If they see bitcoin take a dip in price…

They’re not going to run for the exits…

They’ll buy more!   

In other words, they are the farthest thing from fast-money traders that you’ll ever find on Earth.  

BRIT: So why are they interested in bitcoin?  

CHARLIE: These conservative investors are worried that the new Biden Administration is going to ruin the dollar and create massive inflation.  

And they think their best defense isn’t gold.  

It’s the NEW safe haven asset:   bitcoin.

BRIT: The numbers you shared with me on government spending are pretty astounding.  

The U.S. was already running trillion-dollar annual deficits before the coronavirus hit.  

We’ve spent $6.3 trillion since 2020 to deal with COVID.   

Biden passed $1.9 trillion in relief spending when he took office.  

He’s made promises for ANOTHER $11 trillion of new spending on everything from infrastructure to free college to clean energy.   

CHARLIE: In other words, he could turn a bad situation into a catastrophe.   

As you can see, the Congressional Budget Office predicts we could run trillion dollar deficits for YEARS !   

The bottom line is we’ve been spending like drunken sailors for decades. 

We’ve got entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare that are going to run out of money this decade.   

And now President Biden wants to use up whatever’s left on the national credit card.  

You and your wealth need a “lifeboat” for protection.  

An insurance policy. 

That’s where bitcoin comes in.  

You could put a small amount of your wealth in it and history shows that you could potentially see some amazing gains.

BRIT: When you lay it all out like that, I’m worried and I bet I’m not alone.    

Are my taxes going to go up? 

Are we headed for serious inflation? 

And where does bitcoin fit in?

CHARLIE: I certainly think everyone’s taxes are going to go up at some point, but I’m not a political expert.  

I’m an investor.  

And I’m focused on what will happen to my portfolio, and the portfolio of everyday Americans.  

All those new dollars the Fed has created out of thin air are going to create inflation.  

You can already see it:  

The Consumer Price Index hit a 13-year high in April
Gas prices climbed above $3 for the first time since 2014
Housing prices are rising at the fastest rate in 15 years
Lumber prices are up 377% in the last year
BRIT: And doesn’t inflation affect the value of assets the rich hold? 

Assets that pay out a fixed return year after year…

Bonds, money market funds, CDs…

They’re just not as attractive if they’re paying out the same return when prices are going up everywhere you look.  

Retirees who are counting on them to cover their bills when inflation is making everything more expensive are going to be in for a world of hurt. 

How does bitcoin factor in?  

CHARLIE: Well, the smart money says,

“Why hold assets that are losing value year after year to inflation…

When you could move some of your money into things that won’t lose value?“

BRIT: Like gold?  

CHARLIE: Gold is one possibility, but I think the rich are gravitating to an asset that could be even better for preserving wealth—bitcoin.      

Right before our eyes they’re changing the definition of “store of value.”  

BRIT: What do you mean?  

CHARLIE: Well, what’s the “real” value of a U.S. dollar?  

You can only exchange it for a candy bar because everyone agrees it’s worth that much.  

At the end of the day, it’s just a piece of paper.  

Same with gold or bitcoin or anything else.  

They’re only worth what we all agree they’re worth.  

There is no “absolute” value in anything.  

BRIT: So you’re saying that rich people are declaring that bitcoin is the place they feel safe keeping their money now?

CHARLIE: I think we’re seeing a replay of what happened to gold in the 1970s, frankly.  

Gold was selling for $35 an ounce when President Nixon ended the gold standard in 1971.  

By 1980—after a decade of political and economic turmoil—gold stood at $850 an ounce.   

Nothing about an ounce of gold changed one iota over those 10 years.  

Only the perception that it would protect you from tough economic times.      

Today, I predict bitcoin is going to be preferred by wealthy folks concerned about runaway government spending and inflation. 

In a world where the most valuable companies produce digital and virtual products: Netflix, Amazon, Alphabet…

Is it any surprise that the People With Money are choosing a digital, virtual currency as their safe haven?  

BRIT: But gold hasn’t just disappeared.      

Why would the rich choose Bitcoin over gold?    

CHARLIE: One big reason is because of the way Bitcoin is structured.   

There will only ever be 21 million Bitcoin.

And 88% of all the Bitcoins that will ever be created are already in circulation. 

The number of new Bitcoins being added every year follows a very clear, predictable pattern.  

You don’t see a million new Bitcoins appearing out of thin air…

Like the trillions of dollars created by the Fed and Congress.  

BRIT: But gold is relatively rare, though. 

CHARLIE: True.  

Gold has served as a store of value for thousands of years because it’s scarce, durable, and considered valuable by many different cultures.  

But there are downsides to gold…

BRIT: Like what?  

CHARLIE: Gold is very expensive to buy, sell, store and protect.  

No one wants to have to worry about someone stealing their gold from a home safe or a bank.  

And what if you need to use that gold in an emergency?  

Can you get to it and sell it for a fair price at a moment’s notice?  

Would a gas station or grocery store accept it as payment?

CHARLIE: You’re saying those aren’t problems with Bitcoin? 

CHARLIE: Not a chance.  

Bitcoin is easily transferred to someone else with just a few clicks on a computer or even a cellphone.

Today you can use Bitcoin to buy all these good and services:

Computers and electronics equipment
Luxury automobiles
Airfare and hotel rooms
Video games
Gift cards
And much more!
Not to mention you can soon use Bitcoin to pay any merchant who accepts PayPal.   

That’s 26 million global merchants at last count.  

And Bitcoin’s still growing in popularity:  

The mayor of Miami, Florida, proposed paying employees in bitcoin, and letting people pay taxes in bitcoin.   

You wouldn’t do either of those things with gold…

I think you’re going to be hearing a LOT more stories about bitcoin in the months ahead.      

People With Money are good at seeing these kinds of changes coming down the road.  

And that’s why they’re shifting their buying from gold to bitcoin.  

BRIT: If you’re right about this massive shift away from gold, how big is the upside for bitcoin?   

CHARLIE: It’s huge.  

Think about it this way:  

The current value of all the gold in the world is about $10 trillion dollars.   

Bitcoin’s value today is about $600 billion.  

Bitcoin could go up in value almost EIGHT TIMES and it still would only be worth about half of the global gold market.

And if bitcoin were to grow to be even half as valuable as gold…

Something I think is totally possible…

A single bitcoin would be worth nearly $250,000!  

That’s why I say there’s no better time than now to start investing in bitcoin or my favorite altcoins.  

BRIT: Bitcoin $250,000 would be a big move from here.

Is it really possible?  

CHARLIE: Brit, you just need to look at last year for evidence that this shift from gold to bitcoin is starting to happen.  

Anyone could see that government spending was out of control after the coronavirus hit.

You would expect gold to really pop if it was the favorite safe haven for People With Money.  

But what did gold do in 2020?

It rose 24%.  

Bitcoin soared 300%.  

I think it’s a clear sign that people with money that would have once bought gold…

Are now turning to bitcoin as a safer asset instead.  

BRIT: Can you tell me some more about the People With Money?  

This isn’t some secretive group like the Illuminati or something is it? 

CHARLIE: Absolutely not.  

I’ve pinpointed 4 powerful groups that are now bitcoin believers.    

The first group is payment processors like Square and Paypal.  

Their customers want to use bitcoin to purchase goods and services…

And these companies are buying huge amounts of bitcoin as a result.  

If they don’t, they could get put out of business.       

One hedge fund estimates that Square clients have bought 40% of ALL the bitcoin that entered the market in the last 2 years. 

And PayPal’s clients may be buying even MORE than that.  

They want to make it easy for their users to buy stuff… and even make foreign exchange transactions… with bitcoin.  

PayPal and Square aren’t alone in building up bitcoin’s credibility.  

Mastercard now supports cryptocurrencies on its payment network…

And Visa offers a credit card that pays you back not in cash or airline miles, but bitcoin!      

BRIT: OK, that’s a big one.  

Who else are we talking about?

CHARLIE: This is a huge one—some of today’s most-respected investors  are getting interested in bitcoin.  

Billionaire Stanley Druckenmiller used to run billions for George Soros.   

In 2018 he said he didn’t want to own bitcoin.   

But recently he revealed he’s buying bitcoin for a very familiar reason: 

"Bitcoin … has a lot of attraction as a store of value … It’s been around for 13 years and with each passing day it picks up more of its stabilization as a brand."

Bill Miller got famous by running a mutual fund for Legg Mason that beat the S&P 500 15 years in a row.   

Miller opened his own hedge fund and revealed that 30% of it is in bitcoin.  

Billionaire trader Paul Tudor Jones has forgotten more about making money than I’ll ever know. 

He revealed he has a stake in bitcoin and said, “I think we are in the first inning of bitcoin and it’s got a long way to go.”

He even said, “The reason I recommended bitcoin is because … I came to the conclusion that bitcoin was going to be the best inflation trade.”

BRIT: He’s on the same page as you there! 

CHARLIE: And the founder of the world’s largest hedge fund, Ray Dalio, said in December:

“[Bitcoin] could serve as a diversifier to gold and other such storehold of wealth assets..”

BRIT: Those are some impressive names.  

Those billionaire money managers aren’t the only buyers of bitcoin among money managers, are they?  

CHARLIE: No way.  

Money managers don’t want to get left behind when they see the superstars I just mentioned getting heavily involved. 

They know that if they don’t keep up their returns, their clients will go invest elsewhere.  

For instance, Ruffer Investment Management is a UK money manager that I bet 99% of the people watching us right now have never heard of.   

BRIT: I have to confess, I’m one of them.  

CHARLIE: You’re not alone.

But they recently announced that they had built a stake of over $700 million in Bitcoin!    

Now that’s just one firm flying under the radar and it snapped up a huge amount of bitcoins without anyone knowing. 

If other hedge funds follow their lead, the price of bitcoin could easily go to $100,000 and beyond.      

BRIT:   What about financial institutions we have heard of, like big Wall Street investment banks?  

They’ve built their businesses on traditional assets like stocks and bonds, so I’d be very surprised if they like bitcoin.  

Am I wrong?  

CHARLIE: I’m afraid you are.    

You’re right that Wall Street’s biggest banks were not early adopters of bitcoin.  

But now you can see signs that they’ve definitely changed their tune.  

Morgan Stanley’s chief strategist has recommended bitcoin as an alternative investment to stocks in a time of massive money printing by central banks.   

America’s oldest bank, Bank of New York, will soon allow digital currencies to pass through the same financial network it currently uses for U.S. Treasury bonds and equities.

Goldman Sachs is working on launching a cryptocurrency of its own, tied to the U.S. dollar.  

Last year, JP Morgan announced its own blockchain-based payment system, and is now also banking crypto exchanges Coinbase and Gemini.

That’s no small thing when you consider that JP Morgan’s CEO, Jamie Dimon, called bitcoin “a fraud” just 3 years ago.   

With all this momentum towards cryptocurrencies, it’s no wonder that gigantic asset manager Fidelity launched a Digital Assets unit a couple of years ago…

With the express purpose of helping People With Money trade and store bitcoin.  

BRIT: Who else is driving interest in bitcoin?  

CHARLIE: The fourth big group is Corporate America.  

Corporations are big holders of cash.  

At the beginning of 2020, U.S. non-financial corporations were sitting on $4 trillion in cash.  

Now if you’re the CFO of one of these companies, you can’t sit still if your cash is being eroded by inflation…

So maybe you start buying an asset like bitcoin, which can’t easily be devalued.       

BRIT: Are you saying that companies are going to buy bitcoin and treat it like cash?  

CHARLIE: It’s already happening!  

MicroStrategy, a business intelligence firm, currently holds over $1 Billion in bitcoin on its balance sheet.  

Their CEO recently said “Bitcoin, as the world’s most widely-adopted cryptocurrency, is a dependable store of value.“

Life insurer Mass Mutual has invested $100 million in bitcoin and they say that it’s just “a first step.”

Payment processor Square has a bitcoin stake of about $50 million.  

And perhaps the most significant move of all:  

Tesla announced in February that they had bought $1.5 billion worth of bitcoin.  

I’m confident that these are just the first of a wave of companies buying bitcoin. 

By one estimate, if all S&P 500 companies were to allocate 1% of their cash to bitcoin, its price could increase by approximately $40,000.

BRIT: That’s incredible.  

If you add up all these People With Money—big banks, corporations, payment processors, money managers… I can see why bitcoin still has a lot of upside potential.  

CHARLIE: 100% true.   

Unfortunately, the financial media is still focused on “look at bitcoin’s latest price move” rather than recognizing the REAL story:  

The fact is, the way we pay for things… store value… protect our savings… and build wealth is changing before our very eyes because of the growth of cryptocurrencies…

And as a result, a great divide is opening up in America. 

In the coming years, two classes of people will emerge on either side…

Those who own bitcoin or altcoins…

And everyone else.

BRIT: So you’re saying this is going to make the Wealth Gap we hear so much about even worse? 

CHARLIE: 100% right. 

Everyone knows the gap between the Haves and the Have Nots is huge.  

On one side you’ve got America’s 651 billionaires.  

They’re worth, collectively, over $4 trillion dollars.  

On the other side, you’ve got 39% of Americans saying they can’t cover an unexpected $1,000 expense.   

BRIT: That’s very sad.  

CHARLIE: It sure is.  

Millions of our fellow Americans are unprepared for their car to break down… a major medical expense… or home repair…

At the same time that the rich are actually growing their wealth faster than ever before.     

But just because the rich are on the right side of this gap today… doesn’t mean you’re going to stay there. 

BRIT: Are you saying there’s going to be a new wealth gap in the “Haves”?  

Between those that own cryptos and those that don’t?  

CHARLIE: I do.      

The old “safe havens”--cash, money markets, CDs, bonds--have the potential to be real dead weight when inflation is rising.  

They’re assets that wouldn’t go up much in good times but would at least keep you afloat in bad times. 

I think their owners are in for a rude awakening when those “safe” assets start declining in value.  

It’s a sure recipe for falling out of the Haves and into the Have Nots.  

BRIT:    So you’re saying I should run right out and buy bitcoin…  

How do I do that if can’t afford a single coin…?  

CHARLIE: You should 100% consider owning some bitcoin.

But you don’t need tens of thousands of dollars to get started…

That’s a common misconception about bitcoin.

You can buy it in fractional amounts.

In other words, you can invest as much, or as little, as you’d like…

$25… $100… $1,000… $10,000…

Anyone can get in no matter how high it gets.

BRIT: I bet a lot of people don’t know this.

CHARLIE: A lot of people also don’t know the best ways to buy cryptocurrencies, either.

It’s a little different than buying stocks, and People With Money never talk about this.  

They don’t mind one bit that bitcoin is perceived to have a high “buying hurdle.”

They love that it takes a little extra work because it keeps away the “dumb money” that would make it even more volatile than it already is.

Folks – please don’t let the difference keep YOU on the sidelines.

It’s not as difficult as you might think to buy bitcoin.

As I showed you earlier, adding just a tiny stake to your portfolio today could mean hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars in profits , depending on the size of your investment.

So in a moment, I’ll tell you all about a resource I’ve developed which walks you through the process of opening a crypto account and getting started step by step.

This report also covers how to buy my favorite altcoins…

Now I didn’t recommend these plays, but check out the potential gains in the recent market:

2,905% from Clipper Coin…

Over 5,000% from Egretia…

2,640% from Seele…

Over 5,000% from Reddcoin…

Over 5,000% from Luna…

And over 5,000% from Einsteinium…

And an incredible gain from Verge.


Like I said earlier, nothing in the market is guaranteed.

No one can promise gains like these extraordinary past examples.

The point is that altcoins have incredible potential and that’s why I say:

You can do better than bitcoin.     

In just a few moments, I’m going to share my top cryptocurrency buy for FREE, right in this presentation.

BRIT: I want to get to your “Better than Bitcoin” ideas, but first I have to ask you…

If bitcoin is the biggest and best-known, why should anyone buy any other crypto?

Aren’t they just bitcoin “knockoffs” vying for the same market?

CHARLIE: Great question, Brit…

Skeptics like to knock bitcoin…

But they really LOVE to take shots at the thousands of altcoins on the market. 

I’m here to let you know that this might be the single most expensive mistake on the planet right now.

It could easily cost you thousands—and potentially MILLIONS—in gains.

You see, right now, there’s a fuse being lit under the altcoin market.

And I predict it’s going to set off one of the largest explosions of wealth in modern history.

Rich people know this…

Which is why in addition to taking huge stakes in bitcoin, they’re also taking big positions in altcoins!

BRIT: You shared the facts with me and they’re very interesting:  

Mark Cuban revealed in 2021 that he owns a number of altcoins, including hundreds of thousands of dollars in Decentralized Finance platform Aave.
Tech billionaire and legendary venture capitalist Tim Draper invested millions in altcoins like Tezos, Aragon, Ripple and Bitcoin Cash.
Entrepreneur Michael Novogratz has approximately half of his $700 million net worth in cryptocurrencies and agrees with me that every investor should put at least 5% of his net worth in cryptos.
Bill Gates and the Gates Foundation have invested millions in blockchain technologies, including for financial services and virus tracking.
CHARLIE: To truly understand the magnitude of this opportunity…

And why I believe we are about to see seismic change when it comes to wealth creation in America…

You MUST understand that the blockchain behind cryptocurrencies is truly going to change the world.

You’ve probably heard all the buzzwords surrounding blockchain…

Experts are already calling it, “More revolutionary than the cotton gin, the steam engine, the PC, and the smartphone combined…”

Financial Post is calling the blockchain “a bigger revolution than the internet itself.”

And according to Forbes, it will usher in the fourth industrial revolution.

BRIT: I’ve heard about the blockchain before…

I know that it’s going to be revolutionary…

But I’ve got a feeling, Charlie, that our viewers haven’t really had it explained in a way that they can understand. 

CHARLIE: I’ve been in the crypto world for so long I totally get that.  

The reason blockchain is so important because it’s the newest and most versatile “Information Infrastructure” we humans have invented.  

New infrastructures like the blockchain are so powerful because they can revolutionize every aspect of society that relies on the spread and security of information—energy, government, finance, health care, and on and on.  

Let’s face it, EVERY part of our economy in 2021 is driven by information.  

That’s why IMPROVING how we handle and process information is such a game-changer.  

And understanding all the ramifications of this change can give you a HUGE edge over the rest of the world.

BRIT: So you’re saying that blockchain technology could change our lives as significantly as the Internet did?  

CHARLIE: Absolutely.  

The Internet powers our digital world today.

It has made us vastly more productive and lowered the price of just about everything.

The internet allows us to tap into data, images and personal information in ways that no one could imagine.  

There isn’t an industry or business in the world today that the internet hasn’t transformed.

It gave life to social networking, e-commerce, video streaming, and innovative companies like Amazon, Facebook, Netflix, eBay, Google, and Yahoo.

BRIT: This is so huge…

I’m guessing you don’t see many of these revolutionary new platforms come around that often.

CHARLIE: Correct.

In fact, before the internet, the printing press was the first real Information Infrastructure.  

Before the printing press, all knowledge was controlled by the ruling class.

People like royalty and the church.

In other words, information was centralized.

But once the printing press was invented, everything changed.

New revolutionary ideas could be quickly shared with everyone, not just kings and queens and scholars.

Ancient wisdom from philosophers like Plato and Aristotle could be placed in every person’s hand. 

That enabled the scientific revolution and allowed powerful ideas to be shared and challenged.

The ability to spread ideas and form new public opinion gave birth to the French and American revolutions.

We wouldn’t have a modern democracy — maybe even America — without the printing press.

The printing press was the first Information Infrastructure.

The internet took the next step—spreading ideas and data faster and more widely than anyone could have imagined.   

The next evolution is the blockchain… and I predict it will be even more of a game-changer.

BRIT: So you’re saying that just like the printing press disrupted those wielding power centuries ago—the church, the monarchs, the nobles, the academies…

The blockchain is going to disrupt those in power today.   

CHARLIE: It’s going to change how you buy goods and services, borrow money, heat your home, interact with people online…

All of those activities are controlled by a handful of institutions that have a lock on our media, banking, credit cards, energy, health care…even political power.  

Knowledge is power and when you control information, you control the people. 

The blockchain, even more than the printing press or the internet, CAN’T be controlled by a central power.

Which is why it’s already being called “the new internet” or “internet 2.0.”

The blockchain gives the power back to the citizens… to the consumer… to the patient and to the individual.

The blockchain is going to rewrite the rules of EVERYTHING…

Because the blockchain is going to make everything more transparent, efficient and honest.

I know this all sounds too good to be true, but it’s happening right now and probably only 1 in 1,000 people understand it.

And it’s about to unleash a multitrillion-dollar tsunami of new wealth.

It’s going to mint an unimaginable number of new millionaires and billionaires.

The next Bill Gates or  the next Jeff Bezos will likely be a blockchain entrepreneur.

And I believe anyone who acts now could turn a small investment into substantial gains.

BRIT: And this is all because the blockchain changes how we process information?  


Put simply, blockchain is an ultra-safe and secure way to store information.

It is the safest way to store and transfer information that has ever been created.

I’m talking about your financial and banking information… your personal health care information… proprietary business information… contracts… tax information… credit card payments… real estate transactions… even the energy sector… the list goes on.

So much of our modern economy rests on the flow of safe, secure, accurate information…

This means blockchain’s potential uses are more powerful than any other single technology on the planet….

And the People With Money want a piece of the pie.   

BRIT: Now, earlier you said many of those big banks are working on blockchain projects.  

And I know many other major companies are investing in the blockchain, too.  

Why can’t I get exposure to blockchain’s enormous growth potential by buying stocks like Visa, Amazon or Facebook? 

CHARLIE: Even though these companies are investing heavily in the blockchain, they’re not direct plays.

At the end of the day, if you buy Facebook, you’re still buying a social media company.

If you buy Amazon, you’re still buying an e-commerce company.

But if you want the absolute best exposure to the profit potential of the blockchain, you need to back altcoins. 


Altcoins are thought of as any cryptocurrency that isn’t bitcoin, but really, altcoins aren’t really currencies at all.

This is a critical distinction and something you’ll never hear in the media.

They think buying an altcoin is buying some sort of speculative “fantasy internet money.”

BRIT: So if they’re not a currency, what are altcoins?

CHARLIE: When you buy an altcoin, what you’re really buying is an ownership of a blockchain program.

That means buying an altcoin is making an investment in blockchain projects that make our lives easier, more productive, and more efficient.

When you buy an altcoin, you are essentially acting as a venture capitalist.

You’re funding a small startup company that is trying to unseat entrenched, inefficient models.

These altcoins are like buying an early stake in the software programs that made the internet so revolutionary!

For many of you watching, this might be the most valuable information you ever hear.

It’s information the rich already know, and it’s why they’re investing heavily in blockchain applications like bitcoin and my favorite altcoins.  

BRIT: So you’re saying that the best way to have direct ownership in the groundbreaking blockchain technology is through altcoins.

CHARLIE: Absolutely right.  

Blockchain technology is not only going to destroy the middleman and revolutionize the way you bank, shop, travel, heat your home…

It’s going to unleash tsunamis of productivity and profits that will make the owners of the disrupting altcoins very, very rich.

Look , the last 40 years have taught us that software programs are the world’s ultimate wealth creators…

Because they save us time and headaches and make us MASSIVELY more productive.  

And they’ve proven over and over again that owning them is the best legal way to get rich in America.


And the altcoins that use the blockchain…

Are like next-generation software programs and they are about to unleash a multi-trillion-dollar tsunami of new wealth.

BRIT: Charlie, all this sounds great.

But what will this change look like to everyday people like you and me?

Can you give us some examples of how these different industries are waking up to the potential of the blockchain?

CHARLIE: Of course!

One huge part of the global economy already being disrupted by the blockchain is the $22 TRILLION financial services industry.

Especially payment processing companies.

If you’ve ever owned a business or worked close to the money in someone else’s business, you know companies that facilitate credit card payments can charge you over 3% of a transaction’s value.

That adds up to $108 billion in fees for retailers last year.

Blockchain technology could totally change the game.

Soon, blockchain programs will process customer payments for a tiny fraction of what today’s payment processors charge.

This will save everyone who buys or sells ANYTHING lots of money.

And blockchains could take a huge bite out of the $16 billion that’s lost every year to fraud, cybercrime and identity theft.  

To combat this growing threat, virtually every major bank is investing billions in blockchain technology to squash financial fraud and scams.

The blockchain is also about to disrupt the $90 TRILLION global stock markets…

Soon, you could be able to trade stocks and exchange money across country borders in seconds and with 100% confidence.

The world’s biggest stock exchanges like the Nasdaq, the New York Stock Exchange and the Tokyo exchange have already begun using blockchain for a growing number of their transactions.

In fact, an executive of the Nasdaq exchange has admitted they’re going all in on using the blockchain because it’s so secure and reliable.

BRIT: So you’re saying the blockchain could disrupt almost any financial transaction where a middleman is taking a hefty fee for doing almost nothing?  

CHARLIE: Exactly right.  

Title insurance costs $11 BILLION in 2019 to verify a property’s title history.  

Soon, blockchain programs will research and verify a property’s title for you in seconds… for a tiny fraction of what today’s title insurance companies charge.

Same thing for real estate agents, who we pay one hundred billion dollars annually just to sell or buy our homes.

Blockchain programs could facilitate and execute real estate transactions for a fraction of what today’s real estate brokers charge.

This will save everyone who buys or sells a home lots of money, time and hassle.

Remember: One of the key features of a new information infrastructure is that it doesn’t touch just one or two major industries…

It touches ALL industries.

Its transformational effects make their way into ALL areas of our lives.

And shower the early owners of those blockchain programs with huge potential gains.  

No wonder the People With Money are all in on altcoins!  

BRIT: OK, so financial services is filled with middlemen that could get taken down by blockchain technology. 

Are there other industries that blockchain could disrupt? 

CHARLIE: I could name dozens but let me just give you two more.  

First is the $8.5 trillion health care industry, where information is incredibly valuable and must be secure.  

The health care industry is still in many ways stuck in the Dark Ages.

Take your medical records, for example.

Many of us have multiple medical records with several health care professionals.

Getting those records to a new provider is often an agonizing and frustrating process.

And there’s a huge cost associated with all that inefficiency, not to mention the danger that your information could be compromised.

Soon, blockchain programs could record, store and transfer your medical records for a fraction of what today’s medical record industry charges.

Health insurance giants like UnitedHealth Group already have blockchain projects in place to improve accuracy, security and access to information. 

BRIT: What other health applications are there for blockchain?  

CHARLIE: How about authentication of drugs?

In some places, up to 30% of the medicines being prescribed are fake.

The blockchain is helping to verify the distribution of counterfeit drugs.

Biotech and pharmaceutical giants are using blockchain technology to track and trace their drugs from the time they are manufactured all the way to the patient. 

Pfizer, Biogen and Merck all have major blockchain projects in the works.

BRIT: OK, that’s one area.   What’s the second? 

CHARLIE: One blockchain application that might surprise people is the coming disruption of our energy grid.

Residents of the Park Slope area of Brooklyn are benefiting from a blockchain project called the “transactive grid.”

Residents with solar panels are able to sell power to the energy companies and keep track of every transaction on the blockchain.

So the energy grid is moving from a centralized grid run by a handful of utility companies to a decentralized grid owned by individuals.

The ability for businesses and homeowners to buy and sell energy will soon be the new normal.

It’s already in place across numerous cities in California and spreading across the country like wildfire.

Again, all of this is barely scratching the surface when talking about the potential of the blockchain.

BRIT: And I’m guessing the investment opportunities are also enormous?  

CHARLIE: Add up all these blockchain applications…

And you can see why I say that buying altcoins now is like backing great software makers—Microsoft, Google, Uber or Oracle—in the early days.

I believe that investing in the best altcoins, right now is like…

Investing with Bill Gates’ Microsoft in 1986… just before the world went wild for its productivity- enhancing software and shares skyrocketed.

Or taking an early stake in software innovator Larry Ellison’s Oracle in 1986… just before his business software was adopted by thousands of companies.  

Shares of Oracle skyrocketed as well.

Or taking an early stake in Adobe Systems in 1986. Adobe created the hugely popular “PDF” program… and the stock has soared since then.

… or taking an early stake in Salesforce, which has become one of the world’s leading business software companies. Shares went up as high as 3,969% since the company’s IPO in 2004.

Again, of course no one can promise extraordinary gains like these historical examples.

But I do believe there is incredible potential in this space.

I think the wealthy recognize that altcoins just like the great software boom and that’s why they’re serious investors in the blockchain.  

BRIT: Since these altcoins aren’t as well-known as bitcoin, how do you find the best ones? 

CHARLIE: The simple fact is, cryptocurrencies can’t be analyzed or valued like stocks.

Bitcoin and altcoins don’t have balance sheets. 

They don’t have P/E ratios.

They don’t have income statements or earnings per share.

Instead, bitcoin and other cryptos have USEFULNESS.

They solve problems. 

They act as stores of value. 

They allow us to safely and cheaply store and transfer information. 

BRIT: If what you’ve said about cryptos being so different from stocks is true…

I’m guessing it’s not easy to for the average investor to try to pick winning altcoins on his own.     

CHARLIE: I won’t sugarcoat it: There are plenty of dangers in the crypto space.

ANY time you have a new industry and new asset class with world-changing potential, you will draw in both good actors and bad actors.

You will draw in geniuses like Steve Jobs and Elon Musk…

As well as lowlifes who are looking to take advantage of people.

That’s just how the world works.

And that’s why it’s absolutely critical to have a true insider like me to guide you through this world…

To determine if an altcoin is solid, created by real, legitimate players, and has giant potential…

…or is a deal put together by nobodies that should be avoided.

In the crypto world, it’s WAY more about WHO you know than WHAT you know.

My goal is to find the highest-potential cryptocurrencies EARLY.  

And I’ve found 4 altcoins that are a fraction of the size of bitcoin…

But I believe could give you potential gains MANY times higher than bitcoin. 

BRIT: Can you give me some numbers to back that up?      

CHARLIE: Sure.   

Just look at bitcoin’s big rally in 2016 and 2017.      

Bitcoin rose 3,186%...

But many altcoins blew those returns away:  

A little-known cryptocurrency called Spectrecoin soared over 5,000% in just 10 months.

Or take an altcoin called Verge—it shot up over 5,000% in 12 months.

Reddcoin also soared far more than bitcoin did:

The altcoin called Neo rose over 5,000%…

And on and on.  

There is no doubt there is risk in buying altcoins.  

These are just a few of the winners.

More than a few will go to zero.  

That’s to be expected when someone’s investing in what are, essentially, startup software companies.  

Now of course, nobody can promise you gains this high.

But they ARE possible, and our strategy gives you the best chance to find them.

Remember, just $1,000 in bitcoin over the last 5 years…

The best-known and most widely-followed cryptocurrency on Earth…

Could have handed you an extra $75,000 over an all-stock portfolio.  

$5,000 would have produced an extra $375,000.  

And $10,000 out of a $100,000 portfolio would have generated $750,000 more dollars.  

The people who realize the power of cryptocurrencies are putting many multiples of $10,000 behind their purchases right now…

And as a result, the gap between the People With Money and the people without it will only continue to grow wider and wider. 

BRIT: In just a moment, we’ll get to what everyone is waiting for…

The name of the altcoin you’re going to share…

But I thought our viewers out there would want to know how your altcoin recommendations have done so far?  

CHARLIE: Sure thing, Brit. 

In September of 2020, I launched the Crypto Investor Network research service.  

As of right now, our model portfolio picks are up as high as 79% on average.   

Including one coin that has gained as much as 257%!

BRIT: That’s very impressive.  

As you said before, even a small portion of your portfolio earning those kinds of returns can make a big difference to your overall situation.  

CHARLIE: I’m proud of the results my current readers are seeing in my service.

And if you’ve never heard about our research business before, check out our Disclosures and Details page.

If you’d like to know the names of the four altcoins about to soar, you’ll want to get your hands on a new report I’ve just released, called:

The Four Altcoins to Buy NOW With 1,000% Gains Potential

This report will tell you everything you need to know about these four “Better than Bitcoin” cryptos, including the “buy up to” price.

But that’s just the start of your altcoin roadmap.  

I’d also like to give you a copy of our Altcoin Millionaire’s Playbook.

This report is gives you all the background on the potential of blockchain to transform every aspect of our lives…

How altcoins could follow in the footsteps of great moneymakers from the past like Microsoft, Oracle and Adobe…

And why altcoins have the potential to be the biggest winners from this revolution—even bigger than bitcoin’s spectacular gains!  

BRIT: Sounds good, Charlie.  

Now let me circle back to that question I asked earlier about how exactly to buy altcoins.  

You said it was as easy as opening a bank account?  

CHARLIE: Absolutely!

All you need to do is set up an account for buying and selling cryptocurrencies, which only takes a few minutes.

And once you fund your account, you’re off to the races.

But even though it’s easy to open an account, we realize this is totally new to some people.

So, to help you get set up immediately, I’ve created a special report called:  Altcoin Investing for Beginners.

This report walks you through how to buy and sell altcoins…

How to quickly and safely set up an account…

And how to navigate a cryptocurrency exchange.

BRIT: And you were telling me about one more report you just put the finishing touches on, right? 

CHARLIE: That’s right—it’s called 5 Altcoins to Avoid at All Costs.  

The world of altcoins is so new that like the beginning of the computer age, or the automobile explosion in the early 1900s…

There are lots of altcoins that sound good on paper but just aren’t going to make it.  

And folks that invest in them could lose most or all of their investment.  

In this report, I name 5 altcoins that we see as fatally flawed and you’ll want to steer clear of.  

As much potential as I see in our favorite altcoins to grow your wealth, these 5 altcoins could destroy it.  

BRIT: It sounds like a lot of valuable information is in these reports.  

How much will they cost?       

CHARLIE: Brit, we’re giving away these four reports for FREE if you become a charter member of the Crypto Investor Network.

I believe the mass adoption of blockchain just might be THE biggest technological event of the next 50 years.

And by joining the Crypto Investors Network today, you’ll be in the absolute best position to see some amazing gains.

BRIT: What will happen once someone joins the Crypto Investors Network?

CHARLIE: Of course, the first thing that will happen is you’ll get immediate access to all the reports I just talked about.

You’ll also immediately gain FULL access to our private website, which is your gateway to one of the most connected crypto research services on the planet.

This members-only site is where I’ll publish brand-new investment opportunities unfolding throughout the world.

Every month I’ll send you a research report detailing new, exciting altcoin opportunities.

You’ll be the first to hear about these incredible opportunities as soon as they come across my desk.

I’ll also update you about our altcoin model portfolio every month.  

Every month I’ll hold a “members only” webinar where we’ll update you on new events and opportunities…

You’ll hear about new blockchain projects and game-changing altcoin investments.

Add it all up and you’ll have the opportunity to learn how to get in on the ground floor of new altcoins that could soar higher than bitcoin.

BRIT: Charlie, that all sounds great, but I have to ask…

How much does it cost to join the Crypto Investors Network?

I assume it’s not cheap.

CHARLIE: That’s the great thing, Brit.  

The value here is HUGE.

We could charge a lot of money for this type of high-caliber research.

In fact, our Ultimate Crypto research service sells for a $3,500 annual retail price, and people gladly pay it.

But I believe everyone…

No matter their current situation…

Even if they’ve never bought a crypto before…

Should have access to this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

So, I decided to set the charter membership price at $199.

But, if you respond right now, you can become a charter member for as little as $99, or 50% OFF.

For less than two dollars a week, you can secure a FULL year of access to the only Crypto Investors Network research service on Earth.

This steeply discounted offer is only available to you right now.

It’s also worth mentioning that this offer to join the Crypto Investors Network is 100% risk-free too.

BRIT: What do you mean by that?

CHARLIE: I know this field is new to so many out there.  

So all I’m asking for is 180 days.  

I think that’s plenty of time to prove that this opportunity is real…

And the Crypto Investors Network is the best way to tap into it.  

So if 180 days from now, you’re not 100% satisfied with your decision to join the service for any reason at all…

Or if you think I’m not living up to my promise to bring you exclusive research on the top altcoins in the world.…

Just let me know and you’ll receive a prompt, FULL refund of your membership fee.

You’ll be able to keep all the reports and there will be no hard feelings at all.

BRIT: That sounds more than fair to me.  

Now before we wrap things up, let’s get to the moment we’ve all been waiting for.

Charlie, we’re dying to know…

What’s the one altcoin you’re really excited about right now?

CHARLIE: One altcoin I believe everyone should consider buying today is Uniswap (UNI).

One of the highest-potential areas inside the crypto world is decentralized finance, or DeFi.  

Uniswap is a big player in the effort to replace the major crypto exchanges like Coinbase and Binance with a decentralized exchange that isn’t run on the old top-down model of the NYSE or Nasdaq.  

Uniswap is creating something that’s not only more democratic, but less likely to suffer a breakdown and more resistant to hackers.     

It’s already the second-largest decentralized exchange and I predict it could soon become #1.  

We need to watch UNI carefully to see if it catches on like I think it could…

But this one could be a huge winner.  

If you become a charter member of the Crypto Investors Network today…

You’ll get the full details on all the best altcoins to buy now in our special report, “Four Altcoins to Buy NOW With 1,000% Gains Potential.”

Including a complete review of UNI, including the “buy up to “price, greater details about the opportunity, and so much more.

BRIT: Thanks for sharing that, Charlie.

All right folks, this concludes our presentation.

If you like what you’ve heard, Charlie and his team are ready to help you gain a whole new understanding of the fast-moving crypto world through a risk-free trial membership to the world’s first Crypto Investors Network.

Join Now!

Charlie, I’ll give you the final word…

CHARLIE: Thanks, Brit.  

Now, of course, all investments carry risk.

Past performance does not indicate future returns.

I would never recommend investing any amount of money you aren’t willing to lose.

And cryptocurrencies can be especially volatile and risky.

Look, you’ve seen how the People With Money are jumping into bitcoin with both feet.  

Institutional investors with tens of trillions of dollars to invest are getting in.  

You’ve seen the kinds of fantastic profits that are possible.  

And you’ve heard how my approach homes in on only the highest-potential altcoins.  

Now it’s time to decide what to do with everything I’ve told you.  

As I see it, you have 3 choices. 

Option 1: Do nothing.  

In other words, just hope that the 5-year trend of bitcoin crushing the stock market ends.     

I think you will REALLY be kicking yourself if you take that gamble.  

Option 2: Do it yourself.  

Just buy bitcoin and hold it…

Or try to figure out on your own the best altcoins and how to buy, hold and sell them.  

If you stick to bitcoin you’ll do OK.  

But if you try to buy altcoins without my help, the odds are stacked against you in a big way.  


Option 3: Tap into all of my research.  

I’ll put my system to work for you…

Show you how to get started…

Keep you away from the most dangerous altcoins out there…

And start you off with an introduction to 4 high-potential altcoins you can buy today.  

All for just a few dollars a week.  

BRIT: I know which one option I’d choose.  

CHARLIE: Me too.     

Look, thousands of people just like you are hearing this presentation right now, and have the same opportunity you do to get ahead of the game.  

To join the People With Money and own my favorite altcoins BEFORE most investors.  

Since you’ve stuck with this entire presentation, I think you’re someone who doesn’t just want to watch from the sidelines...  

But one of the few that grabs golden opportunities before they slip away.  

It’s your move.

July 2021



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  Hackers steal nearly $100m in Japan crypto heist IMAGE SOURCE, Liquid has been hit by hackers, with almost $100m (£73m) estimated to have been stolen. Leading Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Liquid has been hit by hackers, with almost $100m (£73m) estimated to have been stolen.  The company announced that some of its digital currency wallets have been "compromised." It is the second major theft of cryptocurrencies to take place in recent days.                 Last week, digital token platform Poly Network was at the centre of a $600m heist. "WE ARE SORRY TO ANNOUNCE THAT #LIQUIDGLOBAL WARM WALLETS WERE COMPROMISED, WE ARE MOVING ASSETS INTO THE COLD WALLET," THE COMPANY SAID ON TWITTER. So-called 'warm' or 'hot' digital wallets are usually based online and designed to allow users to access their cryptocurrencies more easily, while 'cold' wallets are offline and harder to access and therefore usually more secure.                            

Countries Accepting Nigerians Seeking Second Citizenship

  Countries Accepting Nigerians Seeking Second Citizenship Nigerians are able to access the following citizenship and immigration programs: The Caribbean Second Citizenship Programs, Caribbean nations like St. Kitts & Nevis, St. Lucia and Grenada offer second citizenship through their respective Citizenship-by-Investment programs. A holder of one of these passports may travel visa free to about 135 countries, including all European Union countries, the UK, Russia, Turkey, Singapore and Hong Kong. Holding a citizenship from one of these respected countries may also make it easier to obtain residency status or study in other countries, and allows political security and makes it easier to open bank accounts in foreign jurisdictions. To qualify, an applicant needs to be of good reputation and make a government donation of at least $100,000 USD after approval of their citizenship application.  Approval of a Citizenship-by-Investment application normally takes about 3 months, and all de


    Sharia Court Sentences Kannywood Actress To Six Months In Islamic School The actress, Sadiya Haruna was handed the sentence on charges of “indecent social media postings.” Credit: Instagram | Sadiya Haruna The actress, Haruna, a resident of Kabuga Quarters was initially arrested on Friday by the Head of Surveillance Department of Kano State Hisbah Board, Malam Aliyu Usman. She was then detained in the custody of the Islamic police until early Monday when she was brought before the Sharia court sitting in Sharada area of the state. According to the First Information Report (FIR) filed against her, she was alleged to have consistently posted indecent videos in which she was dancing seductively and making sexual comments on her social media handles and YouTube channel. The accused person pleaded guilty to a one-count charge of obscenity and indecent act, which contradicts section 355 of Penal Code Law 2000. The presiding judge, Justice Ali Jibril Danzaki thereafter convicted her a