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10 cholesterol-lowering foods

A person’s diet plays an important role in how healthy their cholesterol levels are.

Eating foods that keep cholesterol within a healthy range can help prevent heart-related diseases or stroke.

Here are some foods that lower one’s risk of suffering heart-related conditions.

  • Garlic

Garlic is an ingredient used for dishes that also have amazing health benefits.

It contains allicin and some plant compound which makes it effective in regulating serum cholesterol levels.

A study also proves that it helps lower blood pressure in people.

  • Dark chocolates and cocoa

Cocoa and dark chocolates have antioxidants and anti-inflammation properties, flavonoids, which make them so effective in this course.

A 2015 study however proved cocoa to be efficient.

The cholesterol levels and blood pressure of participants who took beverages containing cocoa flavanol twice a day decreased.

However, it should be noted that the dark chocolates needed for this course are only those containing 75-80% of cocoa content.

They should also be taken in moderation.

  • Okra

It has been discovered that mucilage, the gel in okra, helps reduce cholesterol levels by binding to it during digestion.

This way, the excess cholesterol in the body leaves through stooling.

  • Legumes

Legumes also known as pulses are a rich source of fiber, minerals, and protein.

Legumes like beans and peas contain fiber that prevents the body from absorbing cholesterol into the bloodstream.

  • Nuts

Nuts like walnuts, cashewnuts, and almond nuts, are a rich source of calcium, potassium, magnesium, L-arginine and basically unsaturated fats.

These nutrients help lower cholesterol by blocking its absorption in your intestines.

So snacking on any type of nuts will help keep your cholesterol level in check and further reduce your risk of heart disease.

  • Fruits & vegetables

You might want to chew on your leaves more often.

It’s no longer news that fruits also help keep the body healthy.

Fruits and vegetables contain vitamins, minerals, and plant chemicals.

They are also high in fibre, some types of which can help to lower your cholesterol.

It blocks some cholesterol from being absorbed from the intestines into the bloodstream.

However, the vegetables in this category are dark leafy greens.

Dark leafy greens like spinach and pumpkin (ugu).

These vegetables contain protein and other carotenoids, nutrients that are linked to lowering heart disease risk.

  • Soy foods

Soy beans and soy products are a must diet for you if you really want to reduce your cholesterol level.

Soy foods are efficient because they contain protein, vitamins, and minerals, and they’re low in saturated fat.

It has also been concluded in a study that soy foods can help reduce 3-4% cholesterol level in adults.

  • Whole grains

Especially oats and barley. They are rich in a type of fibre called beta-glucan.

Adding beta-glucan to your diet will help you reduce cholesterol.

Eating oats and barley can help reduce the total cholesterol level in the body by five percent as proved by a study.

  • Fatty fish

Fishes like mackerel, sardine, and salmon should be added to your diet.

That’s if you want to achieve reduction in cholesterol levels.

These fishes contain heart-healthy fats like omega-3 fatty acid that help reducing cholesterol and lowering inflammation and stroke risk.

It should be however noted that it’s only fishes cooked by steaming, baking, and stewing that are advisable as the fried ones may increase your risk of heart diseases and stroke.

  • Avocado

Avocado is an amazing fruit filled with heart healthy nutrients.

The monounsaturated fats and fiber present in it are the nutrients needed to reduce cholesterol levels in the body.

According to a study, an avocado per day can improve cardiovascular disease risk by reducing the cholesterol level in your body


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