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There are so many misleading facts and theories around drinking water that have been left unresolved.


But it might surprise you to know that drinking water just after taking fruits is not a good way to go

Here is why. Water keeps our bodies sufficient in our daily lives, and it does this by hydrating our organs which in turn balances the heat in our body to maintain the required temperature.

Another advantage of water is that it is the best natural form of flusher;  removing waste from our body. To also aid in staying hydrated water alone does not carry out that role, the increase in fruit intake also helps the human body to stay hydrated. The increase of fruits keeps at bay dehydration which is when that body lacks fluids, it also prevents skin sensitivity and cut short vitamin deficiency as eating fruits means you get the natural nutrients from the main source void of artificials.

But taking fruit and water together is where we find ourselves at crossroads because it is not a healthy habit and one that should be avoided immediately after this read. 

This is why this habit is bad and should be stopped. 

Drinking water immediately after a meal is not recommended, this is because it makes the digestive process crawl(slow) which could result in bigger health risks.

For fruits, why it is considered unsafe to you drink water after eating fruits is that fruits like the human body give a high source of water content. Hence doing so leads to health scares. Shweta Mahadikw who is a clinical nutritionist at Mumbai gives a rundown on why drinking water after eating fruits is bad.

Have you have had cramps after you drank water immediately after eating fruits, is that fruits have lots of sugar and yeast in them. So taking water after eating fruits dilutes your stomach acid which leads up to stomach aches and pains that will be felt. When that happens it creates an environment where yeasts can thrive then creating carbon dioxide and alcohol that cause gas to build in the stomach.

Another noteworthy aspect of this bad behaviour is that when you drink water after eating fruit, 

especially those fruits high in water, the likes of cucumber, watermelon, oranges, strawberries, and more, it upsets the level of acidity and alkalinity which distorts the digestive system’s pH level. This happens because 

Fruits that are high in water content change the pH level to make your stomach less acidic.

On the list of Mahadik is that it slows down your metabolism and that is something you do not want. Avoid water after fruits because it causes interruption with the absorption and digestive process in the stomach that would eventually cause acidity. With this people feel sick and nauseous after eating fruits. The recommended thing is to drink water at least an hour after eating fruits.

Drinking water an hour after eating fruits helps in diluting the gastric juices. Simply because drinking water once you have had fruits dilutes the gastric juice and the digestive enzymes required for digestion. When the gastric juice is diluted, it reduces the secretion of the digestive enzymes that can cause heartburn and acidity for many individuals. 

If you do not want to be at a health risk of increased blood sugar levels halt drinking water after eating fruits. When water is taken after eating fruits, the digestive system is slowed down increasing the undigested food in the system. What do you think happens to the undigested food? “Fat “is converted to fat causing insulin increase and then raising the blood sugar level and now the health risks of diabetes and obesity. 

Therefore if you aim to live a healthier eating routine that would not lead to health risks like obesity, diabetes, stomach cramps, and acids, avoid drinking water after eating fruits specifically “citrus” fruits and fruits that are high in “water content”.

So the right thing to do is to stay for at least half an hour four body to healthily begin the digestive process of the consumed fruits before reaching out to quench the water taste.


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